Welcome to Wrap A Buck

The best hunters are usually known for having a good eye, a trusted shot and now also WRAP-A-BUCK. Wrap-a-Buck is a revolutionary carcass transportation bag that secures the preservation of your meat with:

With many years in the meat industry, we have consulted with the Research Institute to successfully develop a
synthetic, ultraviolet-protected, woven fabric which enables better airflow for ventilation, to prevent the carcass from sweating.

A Wrap A Buck carcass bag can accomodate...

4 Blesbuck or 6 - 8 Springbuck or Koedoe & Impala or 1 Blue Wildebeest and more!

Can handle up to 150 kg's!

What makes WRAP-A-BUCK so essential,

is the fact that the quality of the meat determines the quality of the final product (e.g. biltong). By transporting your carcasses in plastic bags, you are creating the best environment for bacteria to thrive: sweaty meat due to increased humidity and extra fluids in the form of blood. We invite you to browse through our pages and learn more about how you can preserve your meat and get value from your next hunting excursion!