Carcass bag


One size bag with adjustable straps to accommodate all carcasses



Eight handles to ensure easy carrying up to 150 Kg’s



Absorbent disposable liner to keep meat dry, no more messy transportation 95% ultra-violet protection woven fabric enabling airflow for ventilation, prevents meat from sweating



  • Hygienic – No Dirt, Insects or Bacteria
  • No Mess – Absorbent Disposable Inner Liner
  • Easy to Handle – 8 handles to carry up to 150kg
  • Easy to clean – Hose down with water
  • Breathable, UV protected synthetic fabric that enables ventilation



  • Open bag, strapless side facing up, centralize liner on bag.
  • Centralize meat on liner
  • Fold lengthwise 1st – one side to centre, cover ½ of carcass.
  • Fold opposite side to meet in centre, connect single clip.
  • Fold over sides with handles to centre, fasten using 3 clips.
  • Adjust straps to adopt the shape of the carcass / meat with bigger carcasses, for example Kudu, Blue Wildebeest cut into hind quarters, shoulders, ect


Always stack carcasses/meat on a pile, on top of each other and not next to each other. What makes WRAP-A-BUCK so essential, is the fact that the quality of meat determines the quality of the final product (e.g. Biltong). By transporting your carcasses in plastic bags, you are creating the best environment for bacteria to thrive: sweaty meat due to increase humidity and extra fluid in the form of blood. By consulting with the Research Institute we were able to identify and select the ideal material for the bag. It’s synthetic, ultraviolet-protected, woven fabric which enables better airflow for ventilation to prevent the carcass from sweating.


PRESERVE YOUR MEAT WITH A BREATHABLE, NO MESS AND EASY TO CARRY/CARCASS BAG – Successfully tested by the SA Hunters Association’s magazine, Bow hunters magazine and the farmers weekly.


Use the bag to carry carcasses in the veldt