Bacteria all share one thing in common, bacteria-wrap-a-buckthey want to live and given the proper conditions, they will multiply. They don't grow bigger, they just divide and divide and divide until there is nothing for them to eat, or until conditions become so unfavourable that they stop multiplying and die.

Salmonella or Escherichia coli will find their way with infected meat into our intestines and if present in sufficient numbers, will pose a serious danger.

Pathogens like to multiply in nutritious foods like Meat, Chicken and Fish.

Bacteria need the following to grow:

Heat (temperature):

The 'danger zone' tepratures at which bacteria grow best are between 5 degrees Celcius and 63 degrees Celcius.


Bacteria are found in dust, but need moisture to grow... Meat contains about 75 percent of water and this moisture is the main reason that it spoils.


Like any other living thing, germs need food to grow. High protein foods like meat and fish are the ideal food for bacteria to thrive in.


In ideal conditions (i.e. in moist foods at 37 degrees Celcius) bacteria will grow and multiply by dividing into two every 20 minutes. After 6 hours, in these conditions, one bacterial cell could become 131 072 bacteria!