All you need to know about the Wrap-a-buck Carcass Bag

Q: How is it possible for the woven material to let air through, but not dust?

A: When the meat is covered, it is covered in three layers of woven material making it impossible for dust to penetrate


Q: What weight can the bag tolerate?

A: The recommended carry-weight is 150kg - making it possible for the carriers to carry. The bag lends itself to heavier weight, especially whilst in the veld with all excessive insides, horns, head etc make up the additional weight


Q: Does the bag not leak any blood?

A: We use a disposable paper cloth that absorbs the blood simultaneously keeping the carcass dry and the vehicle clean


Q: How do you clean the bag?

A: The blood is too thick to penetrate the woven material of the bag and because of the smooth texture of the bag the blood can not stick to it - so hosing it with water is easy and efficient - just leave it to dry afterwards


Q: How many carcasses fit into the bag?

A: The bag has adjustable buckles that varies in height and width to take on the shape of its content of 150 kgs... from three to four Blesbuck, a Kudu and Impala or 6 Springbucks


Q: Is the carcass placed on the plastic side of the disposable liner?

A: NO, the paper side - so that the blood can be absorbed and so that the blood does not leak out


Q: How long does the carcass keep its temperature in the bag?

A: Several Hours, depends on the weather conditions.

Q: What is the size of the bag?

A: 3.5m in length and 2m wide


Q: Can I wrap an Eland?

NO. It is too heavy to carry


Q: Why am I not able to transport the carcass with its hide to its place of processing?

A: There is a law that states, that you are not allowed to handle carcasses with hide in a meat processing enviroment.


Q: Where can I obtain more of the liners when I run out?

A: You can get liners from you nearest supplier (all the suppliers are listed on the map)


Q: Why is it a problem to transport meat in mutton cloth?

A: The carcass lies in its own blood, bacteria breeds favourably in liquid - the blood that leaks is in contact with the vehicle's surface, hence contaminated meat.


Q: How do you carry a bag out of a mountain?

A: Use it as a stretcher, you are able to string poles through the handles to make it possible for six to seven people to carry it


Q: How can we utilise the bag in transporting when there is a shortage of bags?

A: Use two bags, open the first one and line the vehicle or trailer with it. Inter leaf the liners between the stacked carcasses. Cover all the content with the other bag and clip then all together. It stays protected from dust, heat and flies


Q: Our most popular question...

Can my mother-in-law fit in your bag?